Due to concerns over the spread of the coronavirus, all indoor private lessons are suspended at this time.

HOWEVER, I am available for outdoor yoga at your house - weather permitting.

Private lesson by the client's pool in summer!

Why private sessions?

Private yoga lessons are helpful when:

***You need a yoga class at a time and place that is convenient for YOU

***You need to set aside time during your work day to rejuvenate and        

      refresh for mental clarity and productivity

***You're a beginner and want to get started with a yoga practice at your      

      own pace in a supportive and nurturing environment

***You want to increase flexibility, balance, and strength; or target specific

     areas of concern like tight hips, hamstrings, and weak knees

If you are new to yoga....

We will begin by learning the  basic breathing techniques and postures that are the foundations of yoga.  You'll practice

at your own pace in a supportive environment where all of your questions are answered as they arise.

Modifications for poses will be carefully chosen for you and offered as needed.  Together, we will find your individual

comfort zone where you will feel relaxed and confident as you learn.

If you have some experience...

A series of private sessions offers the perfect opportunity to evaluate and set goals, address concerns and create a personal

yoga practice that is uniquely tailored to your needs.   You will be guided by verbal instruction, demonstration and hands-on assistance, helping you to explore yoga on a deeper level.  As you increase your understanding, gradually you'll develop more strength, endurance and increased range of motion.  Working one-on-one also offers time to explore other areas of interest -- such as pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy.

How to prepare for a session

A quiet and private area in your home with enough room to move comfortably is ideal.  If at all possible, it is most beneficial to have the space to ourselves for the 75 minutes, and all dogs situated in another area of the house, or outside.

It is important to have this time to yourself with no distractions!  

In warm weather, an outdoor deck or patio is lovely for a yoga session.

No special clothing is needed- just a loose, comfortable outfit. 

Props such as yoga mats, blocks, blankets, bolsters, straps

and music will be provided.