nancy aufiero yoga teacher nj
 I specialize in ~

                   ~Yoga for beginners

                     ~Those over 50 who need to gain more flexibility as they age 
                     ~Classes specifically designed for men & their bodies           

                     ~Yoga classes for the workplace

                     ~Restorative yoga lessons                                                                                                                         

Traditionally, this is how yoga was taught ~

one-on-one.  Private yoga lessons are the perfect way to receive the detailed personal instruction you need to gain the most benefit from your  practice.

​​​​    gift certificates available! 

private yoga instruction with

            Nancy Aufiero



"I really like doing yoga with the instruction and encouragement that you can only get at a class with a great instructor, and that is you Nancy!  Watching a video is just not as effective.  I always feel so grounded listening to your verbal coaching.  Sometimes your comments are like poetry to my ears!"        Pat W., Monmouth Beach NJ

"Nancy Aufiero is an amazing yoga instructor. Her calming presence and in-depth knowledge is woven into every class. Nancy presents a wonderful balance between physically challenging postures, proper alignment and spirituality. She's able to modify postures to accommodate the individual needs of her students. I always leave my time with Nancy feeling enlivened, peaceful, and limber."            Jamie T., Sea Bright NJ